Gasoline, Snacks, and So Much More

Ike's Airport Sunoco — Serving the Lehigh Valley for Over 40 Years

gas station

Sunoco Gasoline

At Ike's Airport Sunoco, you'll find high-quality Sunoco gas for your car or truck. We carry gasoline and diesel, and you'll love the snacks and drinks in our fully stocked convenience store.
Our Convenience Store
auto garage

Reliable Car Repairs

You can make sure your car is ready for the road with dependable repairs from Ike's Airport Garage, our partner business. We'll even give you a FREE estimate on repairs.

Visit Ike's Airport Garage

Sunoco Race Fuels

If you race, you know how good Sunoco's race fuels are. Visit Airport Garage before your next trip to the track for the specialized high-performance fuels you need.
Visit Sunoco Racing Fuel

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